We Are Going to Grow into Our Home

My husband is an avid sportsman. He tried making it in the pros, but an injury sidelined him in his second year. The good thing is that he was good enough when it happened that he was still able to make it in the coaching world. That meant that he was still doing what he loved and making a decent paycheck in the process. When I became pregnant with twins, we knew we were going to have to move, and I knew I had found our next home when I came across http://www.regencyatlookoutcanyon.com, the website for the Regency apartments.

The reason I had looked there is because my husband has a job here in San Antonio at the college, and we did not want to live too far from where he works. I did not want to live right there though, because it is just too crowded. I grew up on a ranch, having gorgeous scenery every day. The Regency at Lookout Canyon seemed to be a good compromise, since it is real close to where he works but I can sit on the balcony and see trees and the sky without having a ton of buildings in the way.

I looked at all of the floor plans, but I knew that we were going to get the four bedroom apartment. Even though it was just the two of us, and the twins would share a room for the first couple of years, I knew that we were not going to stop with them. I wanted at least one more child, and my husband does as well. The four bedroom apartment is really nice, and it is something that we can grow into as a family. We were all moved in before my second trimester, and now we are just waiting for the girls to get here!